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How You Can Get Started At Elevate Fitness
With Our SCIENCE-BACKED Personal Training Programs
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By this point in time, you've likely done it all to try and tone up and slim down:

  • At-home workout routine that are hard to follow...
  • Intimidating big box gyms full of meat heads...
  • Maybe even tried a personal trainer or two in the past....

Yet if you're like 22% of Americans who work out, you haven't see the results you deserve!

I don't need to tell you: most workout programs are hit or mis 

They may work for some people - but not for all 

Or they promise the moon but don't deliver noticeable results in reasonable timeframes

But that is why I'm so excited to share how we can REACH YOUR GOALS TOGETHER!

Real People - Real Results :) 

Why Elevate Fitness 

What makes Elevate Fitness different and why are we producing results at a rapid rate? Do we have unordinary clients? No. Are we giving away a magic pill? No. What makes us so different?

Elevate Fitness is founded on multiple principles that will help push, motivate, and keep you focused on the goals in front of you. Not only do we KNOW you will get the results you want physically, but we also know you will grow MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY along the way. 

So what make Elevate Fitness a top personal training studio?

A Team Of Trainers 

At Elevate Fitness you will not only get an accredited certified personal trainer, but you will get a TEAM of certified trainers. All of our clients love they get to grow many relationships that will help them reach their goals. You will too!  

Family-Like Environment

At Elevate Fitness not only are we a personal training service. We are a family. Our clients, and our trainers build multiple relationships once they step through the doors that will not only help keep them on track in the gym, but help them grow outside of the gym!

Tailored Programming

At Elevate Fitness we DO NOT believe in 'One Program for All". Your body is not the same as the client that walked in before you, and won't be the same as the client that walks in after you. You will get your own program that is tailored to your needs and customized for you goals!

No Workout Ever The Same 

At Elevate Fitness No one workout will ever be the same. You will never get tired, bored, or uninterested in your program design. Your body will continue to keep guessing producing the results you want!


Get Started Today And Get A Special New Years Discount for 2021! - 21% Off Selected Personal Training Packages

You Now Have TWO Ways to Train with Us

In-Person at our Private Studio
(Steps Below)

  • Purchase package bundle and setup a consultation
  • Meet with the founder of Elevate Fitness, Stephany Acosta, and talk about your goals, past experience, expectation, and more
  • Schedule a time for you to come into our gym with a certified trainer for your first session
  • After the session we will answer any questions you had or as well as questions on our biomechanics testing

Virtually Via Zoom or FaceTime, in the Comfort of your Home (Steps Below)

  • Purchase package bundle and setup a consultation
  • Meet with the founder of Elevate Fitness, Stephany Acosta, and talk about your goals, past experience, expectation, and more
  • Schedule a time for a certified training to Zoom or FaceTime you and be taken though your first training session
  • After the session we will answer any questions you had or as well as questions on our biomechanics testing

What's Included in Our New Years Special Offer?

Personal Consultation ($99 VALUE)

Once your join, you'll have a one-on-one consultation (virtual/in-person) with Stephany Acosta - to determine you current fitness level and goals, what your past experiences have been training, expectations, and the details of how a tailored personal training program will help you.

30 Day Nutrition Guidance Program ($350 VALUE)

You'll get a plan for progressing towards your goals by meeting with our Nutrition Coach. We get in-depth on how to approach eating habits and using food to help maximize goals through food choices. That way, you can see how we help educate you and how much you'll enjoy the unwavering support.

Personal Training Package of Your Choice ($495-$1750 VALUE)

For a limited time, you'll get our 2021 New Year Discount on select training packages, which give you the opportunities to train with the Elevate Fitness team virtually or in-person. Each workout will be fun, customized, and completely different than any other clients. Find the time that works in your schedule and we'll make it happen. Choose between 45/60min sessions and 8,12,16, and 20 sessions.

Results (Priceless)

Once you start personal training with Elevate Fitness, begin your tailored training programs, and get the full support of the best trainers and clients out there, you will be glad you started today! Don't wait any longer to get the results you deserve


BUT you want pay anything close to that with our SPECIAL 2021 Personal Training Offer and...
each package comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Protected by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our mission is helping you transform physically, mentally, and emotionally using a
fitness program customized to your needs. Which is why, if you're not satisfied after
going through the program, simply contact us for a full refund.

Which means there's NO RISK when you invest in yourself today!

For a very LIMITED TIME, you can get your New Years Personal Training Special Offer for 21% Off of the Package Price!
What Does that Mean?

Consultation -
30 Day Nutritional Start Up - FREE

This is YOUR Invitation to Get as Close to a "Perfect Personal Workout" As You Can Get...

I believe you are the kind of person who follows through with their goals, which means if you're EVER thought
about having a healthier, more enviable body.

Then you have only TWO logical choices today...

Put this off for "later", Maybe you'll find some other customized fitness program, but likely you'll get too busy with other important decisions on your plate... and nothing will change

Follow through with your goals by taking advantage of this no-brainer personal training New Years offer. Everything is thought out for you, so all you have to do is show up and give us your best effort.

The choice is yours...

Do the right things and just say "maybe" -- you're covered by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you NOTHING to lose!

Experience the Elevate Fitness Difference Now! 
Limited Time!

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About Stephany Acosta, The Founder of Elevate Fitness

Stephany Acosta started her fitness journey over 15+ years ago after working for years in telecom account management.

Tired of how poorly she felt after working long hours and neglecting her health, she finally decided to make a change and get back into fitness.

That's where she saw how intimidating big box gyms are...

She also saw how ineffective most workout programs are at delivering lasting results...

ESPECIALLY for those with obstacles like knee pain, hip inflexibility, and other range of motion issues

Now, she and her team at Elevate Fitness offer custom-tailored fitness programs based on science-backed workouts that help you SLIM DOWN and TONE UP

Join Elevate Fitness and discover the workout program transforming bodies and lives.

Any Questions? Contact Us!

13410 Preston Rd Suite C Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (214) 302-9788

Email: Info@Elevatefitnessnow.com

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