About Us



When I started this company, I wanted to continue on the path that I was on to help people get in better shape with exercise. I was a trainer, working for a great company, but still not pursuing my own dreams. When the opportunity presented itself, I took a step forward to create Elevate Fitness. Little did I know that in creating a business with something I was passionate about, I would create a service that could transform people more than just physically. I saw that every individual that came to my session was someone that needed transformation not just with the body, but also mentally and emotionally. That’s when I understood that personal training is not just about conquering physical lifestyles, but also about digging deep for the inner greatness that we all have. This is why I just don’t believe in transforming bodies, but transforming lives.

-Stephany Acosta, Founder



At Elevate Fitness, we’re not just trainers, we’re life coaches. We believe fitness is a lifestyle and we’ll show you how elevating your fitness ability improves every area of your life. We lead by example with our combined experience of 30+ years. Promptness, intuitiveness, professionalism, education and elevation represents our core values. We have bridged the gap for every possible obstacle that would prevent you from making the changes you need. As long as you make the decision to stay committed, we’re committed to elevating you in every part of your being-one level at a time!


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