Our Story at Elevate Fitness

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When I started Elevate Fitness in Dallas, Texas; I wanted to continue on the path that I was on to help people get in better shape with exercise, fitness and personal training.

I was a trainer, working for a great company, but still not pursuing my own dreams.

When the opportunity presented itself, I took a step forward to create Elevate Fitness.

Little did I know that in creating a business with something I was passionate about, I would create a service that could transform people more than just physically.

I saw that every individual that came to my session was someone that needed transformation not just with the body, but also mentally and emotionally.

That’s when I understood that personal training is not just about conquering physical lifestyles, but also about digging deep for the inner greatness that we all have.

This is why I just don’t believe in transforming bodies, but transforming lives.

-Stephany Acosta, Founder

Why Elevate Fitness?

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