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Are you one of 60% of Americans that struggle with a chronic condition?

 Over 60% percent of Americans struggle with at least one chronic condition, whether its diabetes, heart issues or even mental illness:

  • Exercise has shown to improve quality of life for most if now ALL comorbidities.
  • Only 24% of Americans meet the recommended amount of physical activity to maintain good health.
  • The biggest challenge most people face when trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle is making realistic goals that last.

JUMPSTART Your Health with Our Fitness Program in just 30 Days - no matter your fitness level!

Our tailored fitness program are designed for any individual who is looking for the healthiest path to a body transformation and improved physical health...


Even better, it starts where you are - even if you haven’t worked out since your college years or ever. 

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What Clients Have to Say

" Love the Accountability"


"I improved my consistency and discipline..."


"[Elevate Fitness] is a consistent place to know I'm going to get an extremely high quality workout... have diversity in the training... giving the biggest reason for a workout that will continue to push me..." 


Our Black Friday, "Health Transformation Package" is People from all different fitness backgrounds...

  • Unlock Greater FOCUS and ENERGY through tailored specific workouts.
  • Experience the health transformation benefits of a "functional fitness" workout program
  • Identify the root cause of any issues blocking the path to being the healthiest version of yourself.
  • Regain the motivation to maintain a regular workout routine  so you see long term success.
  • Reconnect with your body and uncover better ways to move for improved posture, range of movement, and physique.
  • Push Past plateaus with a fun workout program that's never "boring"
  • Get real results backed by over 15 years of experience with clients of ALL fitness levels

It's time to light a fire to health and metabolism with
our weekly workout sessions ....

Our 5-STAR rated training programs are so effective, you'll wonder why you ever waited to get started.

We can say that because we use science-backed methods...

Proven to work with our thousands of clients over the past 11+ years...

Because our programs are completely tailored to your fitness level and needs.

And even better, we make it super easy to get started.

All you'll have to do is sign up...

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Even MORE Praise from Elevate Fitness Clients 

"Elevate Fitness to me is a way of life... its a mentality... [Elevate Fitness] is a high-end boutique gym that provides really high-end customized personal training..."


"The training and guidance that I get when I come here is really personalized to the goals that I explained when I first started with Stephany... I feel they care about me, not only how I'm doing physically but how I'm doing personally in other areas of my life."


"I deserve to reach my goals, and if I put in the work, that's attainable for me."


What's Included in Your Fitness Program with
Stephany Acosta and the "5-Star Rated" Elevate
Fitness Coaching Team

Personal Consultation ($99 VALUE)

Once your join, you'll have a one-on-on consultation (virtual/in-person) with Stephany Acosta - to determine you current fitness level and goals.

30 Day Start Up Nutrition Guidance Program ($350 VALUE)

You'll get a plan for progressing towards your goals by meeting with a Fitness Coach. We get in depth on how to approach eating habits and using food to help maximize goals through food choices. That way, you can see how we help educate you and how much you'll enjoy the unwavering support.

The Training Session Package of Your Choice ($ VARIES)

For a limited time, you'll get our Black Friday Discount on select training packages, which give you the opportunities to train with the Elevate Fitness team virtually or in-person. Each workout will be fun, customized, and completely different than any other clients. Find some time that works in your schedule and we'll make it happen.


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Protected by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 


Our mission is helping you transcend physically, mentally, and emotionally using a
fitness program customized to your needs. Which is why, if you're not satisfied after
going through the program and four workouts, simply contact us for a full refund.

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Put this off for "later",Maybe you'll find some other customized fitness program, but likely you'll get too busy with other important decisions on your plate... and nothing will change 

Follow through with your goals by taking advantage of this no-brainer program. Everything is thought out for you, so all you have to do is show up for an 45min two to three times a week.

The choice is yours

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YES! Give Me the Fitness Transformation Program


Experience the Elevate Fitness Difference 


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