Is Life All About Mindset?


Do you see yourself as someone willing to grow and improve to achieve a challenging goal, or do you believe you don’t have the needed qualities?

Your thoughts, feelings, and values going through your head while answering this question all have one thing in common.

They are the things that make up your mindset.

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer to the question - it is all individual perception.

But you need to keep in mind that your attitude directly impacts your goals and how you tackle them.

So, let’s talk about mindset and its role in your life and personal achievements.


Mindset: Simple Definitions

As we have already mentioned, mindset is the combination of beliefs, feelings, and thoughts you have about something.

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck defines two different kinds of mindsets - fixed and growth.

According to Dweck, people with fixed mindsets believe that traits such as certain abilities or even intelligence are fixed throughout your whole life.

This would mean that you rely entirely on your innate abilities to achieve something and put little to no additional effort in.

People with this mindset usually avoid facing any challenges and believe they cannot improve their abilities.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the growth mindset is all about improving your skills through hard work.

People with growth mindsets tend to see failure as a learning curve and are open to exploring new talents.

It is important to note that, of course, one does not adopt just one type of mindset when it comes to everything - people tend to display both depending on the situation.

Now to put this information into context, let’s go back to the first questions we asked at the beginning.

A person who does not believe they possess the needed qualities to tackle a challenging goal most likely holds a fixed mindset.

Alternatively, someone who has answered that they are willing to improve possibly has a growth mindset.

“Why should I care?” you might ask.

Well, as mindsets can easily impact your decisions, it just shows how they can substantially impact your life and achievements.


About Mindset & Achievement

At the core of it, life is but a string of experiences and achievements.

Experiences come with everything you do but achievements are something we work on and build ourselves.

This is where mindset comes in - let’s break the process down.

Everything starts with your thoughts, which are then expressed through your feelings, ultimately leading to actions.

So, if you initially begin with the thought that you cannot do something, it will lead you to feel the same and not attempt any action.

Can you see how mindsets, whether fixed or growth, drive our actions (or, in some cases, inaction)?

Essentially, you can think of mindset as a leading piece in the puzzle that is our lives.


Your Personal Idea of Success

Now that we have defined what mindset is and have highlighted its importance let’s see how you can use this information for your benefit.

When talking about achievements, your mind likely links them to the concept of success.

Success is, of course, something very personal - some see it as wealth and riches, some as raising kids, and others have different concepts.

Regardless of your definition, achieving success is about setting your mind to your specific goal.

Think about a personal goal of yours that you find difficult to achieve.

Perhaps the key is in your mindset - try to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your abilities when it comes to the goal.

Identifying any insecurities and tackling them first is essential, as, at the end of the day, your mindset is something you can work on and change.

You will see how shifting your thoughts to a more positive perspective will make you feel more confident about yourself.

More confidence and willingness to learn, in turn, can lead to you taking action toward achieving your goal.


Final Thoughts

So, what can you take from this?

First, it is important to remember that your mindset is something influenced by your thoughts and feelings.

It drives your actions and influences your decisions, which makes it crucial for pursuing your goals.

When establishing a goal and struggling to reach it, it is crucial to focus on your mindset and see if that is what’s stopping you from achieving it. 

Sometimes changing your negative beliefs can make a bigger impact on your accomplishments than you think.

And remember, failure is nothing to be afraid of - just keep calm and carry on.




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