Jaya Granger

Personal Trainer


Jaya’s entire life revolved around sports. She was forced to become a cheerleader since her dad wouldn’t let her play football. She found her passion for Track & Field. With the various scholarship offers she received, she decided to take her talents to Tuskegee University, graduating in May of 2018 with a Bachelors in Health Science. During her time as a athlete, she was a cadet in Army ROTC. She decided after college that she would do what made her happy, which was fitness. She has a passion for training all fitness levels including athletes. She likes to bring out the best in others since she personally understands the fire that burns in you to make better and win. She is NASM certified as well as a high school assistant track and field coach. From time to time she puts on a United States Army uniform and get addressed as “2nd Lieutenant G. When you train with Jaya, you will see why this 2nd Lieutenant gets her name and gets you feeling lifted!