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Discover How Our Programming Gets Our Clients "Fit and Trim" Without the LONG Hours

How Our SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WORKOUTS Can Take You to the Next Level in as Little as 30 Days

Are you wanting get yourself back into shape but always find yourself "not having time" or feeling "too old, too fat, too out of shape" to workout?

By this point in time you've likely tried all that you could think of:

 - Home workouts programs that are confusing to understand and hard to follow

 - Big Box gym group classes that you feel insecure in

 - Or maybe tried your hand at a personal trainer or two

You've done all this work, yet you have not gotten what you deserve or expect out of your fitness goals

I don't need to tell you that most workout programs are NOT for everyone

They may work for certain body types - but not 100% or yours

Or they guarantee that you will benefit in all the ways they have, yet still don't find any type of results

That is NOT how getting in shape should go, which is why we can wait to take the hassle out for you

But first let's talk about why.....

Why Don't People Get the Results That They are Looking for?

Hi, I'm Stephany Acosta

I'm an athlete and trainer with 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry, and owner of Elevate Fitness in Dallas, TX

As someone who has personally spent years working on my own fitness goals and helping thousands of clients work toward there personal goals, I've learned what works and what doesn't work for our clients

There is a gap in most fitness programs that you would find online, or in a big box gym

This is why you can workout exactly how instructed, yet still NOT see the results that were PROMISED

After many years as a trainer and helping our clients achieve unbelievable results, my team and I have developed scientifically proven programs that we cant wait to share with you

Within our scientifically proven workouts, we've seen results for the "old hat" in the gym, the "gym rat", or the people that are just starting their fitness journey and need guidance.

Before we get into why our programs are proven to work for every fitness level, lets talk about some common myths that can lead you away from your goals...

MYTH #1 - One Program Fits All

Did you know... No 1 person is the same. Everyone has mechanical and anatomical differences that will make people move in different ways. Having a "One Size Fits All" workout program can lead you to miss out on potential gains/goals and could be harmful in the long term.

MYTH #2 - "_____" is the BEST Way to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Most people believe that there is one, and only one, way to do a workout or perform an exercise. Truth is... there isn't. There are multiple ways to perform an exercise and modifications that can make an exercises work for you and your body type.

MYTH #3 - You Need Weights to Gain Muscle and Lose Body Fat

Most times "weights" are involved with gaining muscle and shedding fat. Weights are a plus and can help gain muscle BUT your body is all you need. The weight your body provides is perfect to loose fat and gain muscle. There are multiple "styles" of exercises and tempos that can make a body weight movement harder than having a bar or dumbbell in hand. Knowing how to move your body properly will also bring more benefits in your quality of life down the road

None of the above myths are true....

In fact, honing in on these myths can potentially PREVENT you from getting the results you want.... stopping you from performing at to your potential and getting the results you want.... and this goes if you are 35, 55, or 75.

That is why we have developed science-backed programs that will.....

Push Your Body to Get the RESULTS You've Always Wanted While Modifying and Customizing Exercises to You in a Semi-Private Class Setting!

We have now moved our personalized programming into our group classes since we want to help as many people as possible achieve their life long "dream body"

Our Classes are provided in a variation of styles and are meant to challenge you no matter you the fitness level!

If you are just getting back into the gym, are the "fit" person in the house, and everything in between, we welcome everyone.... Better yet there are no strings attached

Today we are offering an exclusive offer on our 30 day fitness class program

You'll get the support being in a group setting all while still getting the independent treatment as a personal session! The Teacher will even do the workout with you!


Our classes are all done virtually in the comfortable confines of your home

How much better can it get??

What are Clients Have to Say

"Love the Accountability..."


"I Improved my Consistency and Discipline..."


"When I First Started, I was Doing my Own Thing and I Hit a Wall. You're DEFINITELY Going to See Results if you Train with the Trainer..."


Our Personalized-Oriented Virtual Classes are Helping Busy Adults...

  • Unlock Greater Focus and Energy through Energy-Enhancing Workouts
  • Experience body transformation benefits of those of personal training sessions
  • Help Identify underlying issues of the body to help improve movement
  • Have a support system to help regain motivation within YOURSELF
  • Understand what weak points your have and how to improve upon them to improve Quality of Life
  • Push past previous plateaus that have stopped you from reaching your true goals with fun and engaging workouts  
  • Get real results back by scientific methods that actually help you get to your fitness goals
  • Avoid wasting the many hours in the gym or doing cardio and be able to get straight to the point

It's Time to Spark Your Weekly Workouts and Elevate...

Our style of workouts are so EFFECTIVE it'll have you wondering why you never tried, functional, non-oriented group classes in the first place

Proven to work with our thousands of clients over the past 15+ years, we are stoked to be able invite you to join in on the fun science-backed training methods

Since the whole program is done virtually on LIVE zoom meeting calls, the process to get started is super simple.

Once signed up for our 30 days of classes program, you will then pick classes you want to take, receive our notification with the link to enter the class, begin your fitness journey with Elevate and our premier trainers

Super simple and easy right?

Whats Included in Your 30 Days of Classes with the Elevate Fitness Team and our "5-Star Rated" Personal Coaches and Gym

30 Days Fitness Class Training ($150 VALUE)

Once you begin classes you'll be introduced to our personal programming that fits everyones needs. We have 6 classes per week that we give modifications for advanced, intermediate, beginner during each exercise.

Personal Nutritional Guidance Access Through Our Certified Trainers ($200 VALUE)

Then you'll get nutritional guidance access that will help get you going to your dream body even faster! Nutrition is half of the battle and our nutritional certified team will be able to answer any questions you may have about diets, allergies, etc

Personal Gratifications for Reaching your Goals (PRICELESS)

Reaching your goals have no better feeling! All your hard work paying off, and having a support group to push you the whole way! Finding you confidence within yourself and being happy with what you've accomplished is PRICELESS!


But YOU wont be paying anywhere close to that amount PLUS you're getting it for no risk with our 21-day Money-Back Guarantee

Protected by a 21-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our mission is to help you transcend physically, mentally, and emotionally using our semi-private fitness classes. Gain a cloud of support and be with a team that wants to watch you succeed in your fitness journey just as much as you do. Which is why, if you're not satisfied by day 21, simply contact us for a full refund no questions asked.

What does this mean?

Theres NO RISK to get started today and join a fit family on the way to your goals

We Want you to Succeed so Badly We are GIVING Away our semi-private Classes... But for only a LIMITED TIME!

Normally a $125 Value, we are giving you...

30 Days of Classes for ONLY $55 + Nutritional Guidance for FREE ($200 Value)

Thats Only $1.80 Per Class 

Yes, I deserve to give myself my fitness transformation! Sign me up!

Start Classes Now

This is YOUR Invitation to Get as Close to a "Perfect Workout" as You Can Get and Start Reaching Fitness Aspirations...

I believe you are the kind of person who follows through with their goals, which means if you've ever though about finally reaching your fitness goals, without all the hassle of finding a workout to do or not knowing what to do...

then you have only TWO logical choices today...

Put this off for "later", maybe you'll find some other fitness class that brings modified and unique blend personalization to each person, but likely you'll get too busy with other important decisions on your plate... and nothing will change

Follow through with your goals by taking advantage of this no-brainer fitness class opportunity presented to you. Everything is thought out for you, so all you have to do is click the class link and go.

The choice is yours...

Do the right thing and just say "maybe" today... you're covered by our 21 Day Money-Back Guarantee so your have nothing to lose!

Yes, Get Me Started with Fitness Classes this Week

Start Classes Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't workout out in years?

We've got you covered! Our Teachers give modifications for each exercise based on fitness level. We are able to identify different key points during the first few minutes of the class

Are your teachers certified?

Yes! Each of our trainers is certified in personal training, experienced in getting results, and committed to the Elevate Fitness mission. We all bring a different lively personality as well!

I have limitations or injuries?

We are trained to identify and support the issues at the root of the movement problems and pain. Speak with your doctor first, and then speak with us either before the class or in an email.

I have tried other group classes, what makes Elevate Different?

We guarantee that no two workouts will be the same, even if you are taking the same style of class! We have multiple styles from Total Body Fit Camps to Activ8 Core classes. This is important since your body will always be challenged in different ways to get the best results.

What if i'm not sure this is for me?

Our challange to you is this: make a commitment to improving your fitness with us for 30 days, there is no obligation after to continue after AND you're back back our 21 day guarantee.

Fitness Disclaimer

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you accept and assume the entire risk of not getting the full return on your investment and alway have the option to make use of any guarantees provided. there is no guarantee that any prior success you have had or past results with similar programs will predict future success. There is no guarantee of success if you have complete a previous version of this program/have upgraded to a new version of the product.

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