Marcela Lainez Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer


Marcela was Born in El Salvador and came to TX when she was 11 years old. She started teaching Zumba in 2016 after having first born son. Her biggest takeaway during that time, was that people left class feeling better about themselves than when they got there- either mentally, emotionally, or physically. That was when she decided to expand her passion to help others connect their body and mind by getting certified as a personal trainer through ISSA. Marcela strives to nurture and strengthen a healthy relationship between body & mind. She loves to go on hikes & spend time connecting with nature. She is a mother of 3 and maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle has been the main objective for her. Discipline, hard work, accountability, and compassion have been pillars for her to continuously work on being the best version of herself. When you train with Marcela, you will be motivated by her desire to help you unlock your full potential while pulling out your inner beast!