Personal Trainer


Marvin started his fitness journey in 2009, when made it a focus to gain muscle mass like a bodybuilder. He previously had struggled with being thin. He quickly fell in love with weight lifting and the sport of bodybuilding. He even went to compete in the NPC physique division. This is what highly inspired him to become a personal trainer. He got certified to help others reach their own fitness goals! Marvin has worked with all types of fitness levels and has been working in the industry for 5 years. The most satisfying part of his job as a fitness expert is helping people accomplish fitness goals that they would previously think to be impossible. Consistency, pushing limits, and motivation are at the core of his programming. He is certified through NASM, C.E.S (corrective exercise specialist), and currently studying Kinesiology at Collin Community College. When you train with Marvin, you’ll walk away feeling more motivated as well as amazed of what you can accomplish!