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Are You One of 22% of Americans Who Don't See The Fitness Results They Deserve?

 By this point in your life, you've likely done it all to tone up and slim down:

  • At-home routines that are hard to follow...
  • Intimidating big box gyms full of meat heads...
  • And maybe even a personal trainer or two...

Yet if you're like 22% of Americans who work out, you haven't seen the results you deserve!

I dont need to tell you: most workout programs are hit or miss.

They may work for some people - but not for all 

Or they promise the moon but don't deliver noticeable results in reasonable timeframes.

This is UNACCEPTABLE, which is why I have to ask....

Why Do Most Fitness Programs Overlook THIS Key Component to Getting the Results You Want?

Hi, I'm Stephany Acosta 

I'm an athlete and trainer with 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry 

As someone one who's spent years honing her body to perfection, I know how lackluster fitness programs are.

That's because there's a GAP in almost all mainstream fitness programs.

Which is how you can work out EXACTLY as instructed and yet not slim down as promised 

Or, it may work for OTHER else but not for you.

After 15+ years of helping thousands, I've learned what works in fitness and what doesn't...

And I've nailed down the MISSING PIECE to the "perfect workout".

What I've found WORKS whether you're an "old hat" at fitness or are just starting to work your way back.

Before I share that, let's shed some light on 3 common myths blocking most people from building a fit, lean body.

MYTH #1 - One Size Fits All When it Comes to Fitness Exercises

Did you know? Some people have body differences making certain exercises IMPOSSIBLE. Which means... if you're using "one size fits all" workouts, you may be MISSING OUT on muscle growth or worse - damaging your long-term movement.

MYTH #2 - "Exercise ___" is the BEST Way to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Definition 

The truth is, there is no "one way" o exercise. Life would be easier if that were the case. Truth is, the BEST results come from a mix of exercises with YOUR NEEDS and goals in mind. 

Myth #3 - Functional Training is ONLY for Athletes and Sports Hobbyists 

It can be easy to believe that functional fitness is only for athletes. Functional fitness exercises like squats, lunges, and bends help people support their natural body mechanics os there’s  more strength and range of movement for all activities. Which means, EVERYONE should focus on "functional" exercises

None of the above myth are true...

In fact, believe these myths will likely BLOCK you from getting an enviable, toned body... Stopping you from performing at your peak in the bedroom, boardroom, and everywhere in between ... whether you're 35, 55, or 75

That's why I developed a FAILURE PROOF program that...

KICKSTART Your Body Transformation
in just 4 Session - no matter your fitness level!

Our tailored fitness program is for busy, high performing professionals who want the most direct path to body transformation and physical functioning...

Even better, it starts where you are - even if you haven’t worked out since your college years. 

and for limited time only, you'll get an exclusive invitation to "try it out" at the VIP price - no strings attached 

you'll even get accountability and support so you stick with the plan and achieve your fitness goals 


You can do it all from home if you want!

What Clients Have to Say

" Love the Accountability"


"I improved my consistency and discipline..."


"When I first started, I was doing my own thing and I hit a Wall. You're DEFINITELY going to see results if your train with the trainer..."


This Results-Oriented, "Intro Package"
is Helping Busy Professionals...

  • Unlock Greater FOCUS and ENERGY through energy-enhancing workouts
  • Experience the body transformation benefits of a "functional fitness" workout program
  • Identify the root of any issues blocking the path to being the healthiest version of themselves
  • Regain the motivation to incorporate regular workout into their busy schedules 
  • Reconnect with their body and uncover better ways to move for improved posture, range of movement, and physique
  • Push Past weight loss plateaus with a fun workout program that's never "boring"
  • Get real results backed by over 15 years of experience with clients of ALL fitness levels
  • AVOID wasting hours in the gym and get the straight line path to fitness and weight loss.

It's time to light a fire under your weekly workout
sessions ....

This BREAKTHROUGH training program is so effective, you'll wonder why you ever tried other non-functional, non-customized fitness programs

We can say that because we use science-backed methods...

Proven to work with our thousands of clients over the past 8+ years...

Because the program is completely tailored to your fitness level and needs.

And even better, we make it super simple to get started.

All you'll have to do is sign up...

Come connect with our team of experienced trainers 

Follow your customized fitness training program and put in place the advice offered...

Meet for 4 sessions and see why our programs are fit for you. I encourage all new clients to stay on our program for a minimum of 120 days to see the lasting results.
... enjoy how your body starts responding to the workouts with increased energy and muscle growth.

After that, if you'd like to explore the many was to continue your amazing results...

(As thousands of others have!)

Then we can talk about how to continue the positive results you're getting 

But if not, no hard feelings.

Either way, you'll be 4 workouts closer to having the toned and lean body of your dreams 

Even MORE Praise from Elevate Fitness Clients 

"Whenever I need to work out, they fit me in and I get a GREAT workout and I feel great when I leave here."


"An AWESOME group of trainers that motivate me harder than I would push myself. They're amazing and understand my goals and what I need to do to get there."


"I deserve to reach my goals, and if I put in the work, thats attainable for me."


What's Included in Your Intro Program with
Stephany Acosta and the "5-Star Rated" Elevate
Fitness Coaching Team

Personal Consultation ($99 VALUE)

Once your join, you'll have a one-on-on consultation (virtual/in-person) with Stephany Acosta - to determine you current fitness level and goals.

Nutritional Consultation  ($150 VALUE)

Meet with our on-staff certified nutritionist to determine a plan to help achieve your personal health goals. We get in depth on how to approach your eating habits and using foods that help maximize your goals. 

4 Personal Training Sessions  ($340 VALUE)

For a limited time, you'll get our 4 personal training session which give you the opportunities to train with the Elevate Fitness team virtually or in-person. Each workout will be fun, customized, and completely different than any other clients. Find some time that works in your schedule and we'll make it happen.


But YOU wont pay anything close to that with our SPECIAL INTRO OFFER and... comes with a 2-WEEK Money Back Guarantee


Protected by a 2-Week Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our mission is helping you transcend physically, mentally, and emotionally using a
fitness program customized to your needs. Which is why, if you're not satisfied after
going through the program and four workouts, simply contact us for a full refund.

Which means there's almost NO RISK when you invest in your fitness today!

For a very limited time, you can get Our Elevate Fitness Transformation Packages for 


+ Processing Fee 

This is YOUR Invitation to Get as Close to the "Perfect Workout" As You Can Get...

I believe you are the kind of person who follows through with their goals, which means if you're EVER thought
about having a sexier, more enviable body.
Then you have only TWO logical choices today...

Put this off for "later" Maybe you'll find some other customized fitness program, but likely you'll get too busy with other important decisions on your plate... and nothing will change 

Follow through with your goals by taking advantage of this no-brainer program. Everything is thought out for you, so all you have to do is show up for an 45min two times a week.

The choice is yours

Do the right things and just say "maybe" -- you're covered by our 2-Week Satisfaction Guarantee so you NOTHING to lose!

YES! Give Me the Fitness Transformation Program


About Stephany Acosta 

Stephany Acosta started her fitness journey over 15+ years ago after working for years in telecom account management. 

Tired of how poorly she felt after working long hours and neglecting her health, she finally decided to make a change and get back into fitness. 

That's where she saw how intimidating big box gyms are... 

She also saw how ineffective most workout programs are at delivering lasting results...

ESPECIALLY for those with obstacles like knee pain, hip inflexibility, and other range of motion issues 

Now, she and her team at Elevate Fitness offer custom-tailored fitness programs based on science-backed workouts that help you SLIM DOWN and TONE UP 

Join Stephany and discover the workout program transforming bodies and lives.

Experience the Elevate Fitness Difference 


4-For-$125 Intro Package!

 Intro Personal Training Package by Elevate Fitness  sold by Elevate Fitness
 Intro Personal Training Package by Elevate Fitness  sold by Elevate Fitness

Intro Personal Training Package


This is an introductory package of 4-45 minute sessions to be completed at our Elevate Fitness studio or online with an Elevate Fitness Trainer.

This intro-personal training package is the perfect product to help you see why we are a 5-Star rated fitness company without having to make such a major commitment. Making a decision to improve your health and fitness is a major decision! You want to make sure you pick the right team to ensure your success while feeling like you have the best support you could ever ask for. We want to ease your mind in making certain that this program is the best decision with the best trainers in Dallas that you can choose.   We have a team of trainers ready to help you hit the ground running with your tailored programming.

This package expires within 30-days of purchase. Package available for new clients only. Gift certificate available upon request.

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