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What to Expect From Our Intro Package

  • Personal Consultation - $89.99 Value
  • Nutrional Guidance - $69.99 Value
  • 4-45min Personal Training Session - $340.00 Value

Meet with Stephany Acosta, Founder of Elevate Fitness, to discuss personal goals, expectations, how we can help, and what you will experience that will separate Elevate Fitness from the typical "Personal Trainer"

Receive tailored nutritional guidance that will help elevate you to your fitness goals that are realistic for you and your environment. No fad diets, no starving yourself... just REAL TESTED METHODS

Four tailored personal training sessions that will be for you and only you. At Elevate Fitness you will be closely evaluated and given workouts that are going to challenge and maximize your strengths and optimize your weaknesses. No workout will ever be the same!

Begin Your Life Transformation

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Are you wanting to get back into shape but finding yourself having "too little time"believing you're "too old" or "too out of shape" or just timid with the current times?

You do all this hard work, yet you don't get what was "promised" 

I don't need to tell you that most "programs" don't work for everyone

Certain programs may work for a certain body type, but it doesn't work for you...

You're being promised "guaranteed" results, yet in the the mirror you see NO CHANGES

This is not how getting fit should go, which is why we can't wait for you to learn about our tailored, scientifically-proven programs!

But first lets talk about "why" the above doesn't work.....


My name is Stephany Acosta

Owner and Founder of Elevate Fitness in Dallas, Texas and personal trainer of 15+ years, I have been around the good and the bad of the fitness industry.

Client after client I have heard what they seem to be an "impossible" task... getting back into shape. I've heard about the big box fitness classes, purchased online fitness programs from their favorite influencer, or even gave a personal trainer a shot in the past.

What I continue to see is that you have not been receiving programs that are designed for YOU! After helping hundreds of our clients get back their "dream body" my team and I have developed TAILORED SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN programs that are not "repeated" with any of our clients

There is a gap in most of the fitness programs that are made up by a simple variable... and that is why you aren't seeing the results that were "promised" at the beginning. 

Within our scientifically-proven workouts we've seen the "newbie" and even the "gym rat" get the results they have always wanted....

Personal Training

So Whats Our Offer to You to Join Our Elevate Fitness Family and Get Results?

Personal Training

One-on-One Consultation - $89.99 Value

Meet with the owner of Elevate Fitness, Stephany Acosta, to talk about personal goals, driving factors, past experiences, fitness level, and much more. This is how we learn to develop your tailored programs that fits your needs, and makes it a personalized "5 Star" experience!

Personal Training and Nutrion

Nutritional Guidance - $69.99 Value

Get educated on diet and personal nutrition with our certified coaches to help generate the results along side your training. Nutrition is 80% of the game and knowing how your body type treats food, how to make your favorites the "healthy way", and being able to stay consistent is a win!

Personal Training

4-45min Personal Training Package - $340 Value

Train virtually (Zoom or FaceTime) or at our gym with our world class training staff that will help you understand how your body needs to train to get the results you want. Understand how your body moves and how to improve your weakness to make them strengths. Start your journey with Elevate now!

That's a Total Value of $499.98

But you're getting it for 75% off!

FOR A PRICE OF $128.75!

So Whats Is The Hesitation?

Begin Your Life Transformation

What Elevate Clients Have To Say...

"Love the Accountability..."

"I Improved my Consistency and Discipline..."

"When I First Started, I was Doing my Own Thing and I Hit a Wall. You're DEFINITELY Going to See Results if you Train with the Trainer..."

It's Time to Spark Your Weekly Workouts and Elevate 

Personal Training

Our style of workouts are so EFFECTIVE it'll have you wondering why you've never tried personalized programs before today...

Proven to work with our hundreds of clients over the past 15+ years, we are stoked to be able invite you to join in on the fun science-backed training methods...

Since the whole program can be done in-person or virtually, you can achieve the goals you've always wanted practically anywhere you choose!

Becoming healthy again has never been "easier" than it is today with Elevate Fitness!

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