Needing a little motivation to get your health in the right direction?

For the month of March, we'll be starting a fitness challenge that will give you 30 days of workouts, a nutrition guidance plan to follow, and a FREE weekly fitness class! Not matter what your fitness level, the challenged is designed to work with your fitness level, get you moving, feeling better & and become a better version of yourself then what you 1st started!

The goal here at Elevate Fitness is to help transform you physically, mentally and emotionally. We believe more than ever at time present time in history that your health should be your top priority. Come join a community of people that are looking to become a better version of themselves and connecting with like minded people!


30 day fitness challenge Elevate Fitness


Our 30 Day Fitness challenge is designed to:

  • Get Your Body Moving
  • Created Healthy habits of exercise
  • Make you more conscience of what you're eating to make better choices
  • Improve your mental and emotional health with movement
  • Reset your palette with a healthy choice meal plan
  • Create a community of support with our weekly email and check ins
  • Create incentive with prizes for weight loss, body fat, and strength gained.

To register for this challenge, there is an entry fee of $50 to cover to expenses put into your workouts and nutrition plan. You get your money back if you can win of the following categories:

Winners will receive:

  • $50 for the most body fat lost
  • $50 for the most weight lost
  • $50 for the most strength gained in their fitness test
  • $50 for the most improved cardio







If you're interested in joining please sign up by submitting your information below. You will have an Elevate Fitness Trainer contact you immediately to register and your next steps. Our Challenge Starts March 1st!