Cory Broadnax_ElevateFitness

Personal Trainer


Corben has been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the body moving since his teenage years. He was previously obese and sedentary as a kid. He believes a healthy body can help create a better and healthier mind. He initially started with power lifting and mastering the compound movements such as squats and dead lifts. Corben then got certified as trainer through NFPT. Since learning strength training he's become more interested in general fitness including flexibility, conditioning, and strength. He's passionate about weight training, aerobic conditioning, and combat sports. Whether you’re working on losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving your health altogether, Corben will tailor your workouts and make them just right for you. Being able to help people better themselves through exercise and push their limits is his philosophy in training. Every day is a day to be better … and when you’re training with him, you’ll feel like an A+ student!